Welcomes a Couple of White Tigers

  • Our wild animals on the farm all live comfortably in their separate spacious areas.

  • Thousands of crocodiles, both saltwater and freshwater, living in shady natural surroundings

  • Giant catfish, the biggest freshwater fish of the world weighing up to 500 kg. (average 100 kg. on Farm)

  • A shoal of snakehead fish of the Amazon River

  • The intelligent albino bear and other albino animals- horses, cows, crocodiles

  • Elephants, camels, tigers, white tigers, bears, several species of deer, etc.

  • Eastern Sarus Cranes, emus, cassowaries and ostriches

  • Thepha fish, a most graceful but endangered species of Thailand

Other Members


"Doctor Crocodile"

"Doctor Crocodile"

Giraffe Birth in Our Farm

Foal Birth in Our Farm

Various Wild Animals